The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Your Birthday Matters! - Carol Olivia Adams Intuitive Astrologer, guest and host of The Matter of the Heart

Episode Summary

Why is your birthday so important? Did you ever think that you are part of the larger picture of the cosmos? How do the personal planets affect your personality? Learn how you can navigate very difficult personalities? What are the symbolic meanings of your Venus and Mars? How would you like to receive and give love? Is there a specific zodiac sign that never works for you? The host and guest, Carol Olivia intuitive astrologer has spoken to many clients and is so convinced that the birthday plays an integral part in exactly who we are. Birthdays can also be used to determine group compatibilities as in sports, corporate, small business partnership, compatibility with your doctor, and anyone in your life.. There is no ending to this very important and culturally validated art and science. Listen to Carol Olivia, host and guest of The Matter of the Heart podcast and pick up some tips on your birthday and learn why it really matters! Reach the host and guest @

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