The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Unveiling 2020- Pocket Guide for Living Month by Month - Antot Masuka

Episode Summary

Antot Masuka is the founder of celestial He is a western astrologer, an astrocartographer, and a horary astrologer. He has accurately predicted earthquakes and is a frequent speaker at the Edgar Cayce Foundation of New York City. Antot Masuka will give you an overview of the major events in 2020 which will guide your life with no surprises. Did you know that every 19 years a major challenging event occurs in the world? Why will August be so powerful and what should you be prepared for? He will give you the dates. He will discuss the 5 great conjunctions, the 7 major eclipses, the major transits and the squares in the universe. 2020 will provide you with a total of 26 full and new moons. Why are the retrogrades contributing to the tension of the world in 2020? Did you know that there is a difference between climate and earth change? What should a person who has a Capricorn sign do to balance their overall energy? Antot proclaims Sept 30 international earthquake day and you will listen to his reasoning. Antot Masuka provides you with so much information, astrologically, economically, spiritually and emotionally and more. You will need to listen to the podcast over and over again, all for your betterment. Listen to why Antot believes that 2020 will stretch the human psyche beyond the limits of endurance! 1He also provides you with a free newsletter @ Reach the host @