The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - The Wisdom of Life, Medical Stories, and Bernie's Latest Published Books - Dr. Bernie Siegel

Episode Summary

Dr. Bernie Siegel, retired surgeon and Author of the Worldwide Best Selling Book, Love, Medicine and Miracles will speak on his latest books, wisdom of life and his medical and amazing life stories. Why did Bernie also think of calling his latest book Bible 2 instead of No Endings, Only Beginnings, A Doctor's Notes on Living, Loving, And Learning Who You Are. Why is nature one of Bernie"s teachers of life? What is Dr. Siegel's concept of the Creator? Do you have any reflection when you raise your arms to the sky and seek answers within? What is the common theme of his 2 books? Are you a love warrior? What is a loving intelligent conscious energy? Listen to so many stories that will enlighten you to the many secrets of life, like the blind person who had an out of body experience and was able to see everything that was going on in the operating room. Dr. Bernie Siegel believes that there are so many mysteries in nature that is far beyond man's consciousness. This podcast will truly elevate your spirit . Bernie is the master of health, healing and inspiring stories of mankind. Listen to this worldwide known guest on The Matter of the Heart podcast. Connect with Dr. Bernie Siegel @ www.berniesiegelmd. com Reach the host @