The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - PTSD, Post COVID 19 and RBCR- Terry Earthwind Nichols

Episode Summary

Terry Earthwind Nichols is the founder of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression which has practitioners in 14 countries. Terry is also the chairman of Evolutionary Healer, and Ambassador of United Refugee Green Council. He is also an author. How can frontline health workers benefit from RBCR? Which emotions are pushed deep into the mind and heart of a frontline health worker? What are some of the difficult emotions that many patients experience and how can they be healed? Is PTSD stored in our subconscious mind? How can we become free of them? Terry Earthwind Nichols discusses the 90% success rate of RBCR. Does a patient embrace a faith because of the COVID 19? Terry offers much insight with the processing of trauma especially in our childhood years. He believes that we can stop repetitive behavior that no longer serves our needs. Connect with the guest @ Reach the host Carol @