The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Noelle Agape - TV Host of Infinite Wellness Show, Health and Wellness Counselor, Certified NLP, Certified Quantum Energy Medicine, International Speaker - Quantum Healing, Original Proponent Deepak Chopra

Episode Summary

Who is Deepak Chopra? Did Deepak create quantum healing? How are our genes affected by our stress level and what do we need to do to balance ourselves? What is "quantum" and the quantum field? What are the benefits of living in a higher vibration and should this be our goal for good health? How does a higher vibration help our conscious mind, subconscious mind, and intuition? Do we have many souls and if so how do they affect our presence. Noelle discusses with Carol how to embrace our soul's mission. They talk about joy and how important it is for your fulfillment? Is it possible for the soul to expand? Did you ever think that fear can be a blessing? Can it be a motivator? What is formulated by the age seven? What age are our beliefs connected with our consciousness? What are some of the methods that are used to connect to the soul? Can dreams be a tool for a deeper understanding of ourselves? Noelle believes that love is the highest vibration for healing. Did you ever think that tribal societies might be more connected to their soul or mission of life? How does nature play into our healing? All this and much more on The Matter of the Heart with guest Noelle Agape.