The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Isolation in the Covid 19 Pandemic and What To Do About It - Dr. Edward T. Creagan, Mayo Clinic

Episode Summary

Dr. Edward T. Creagan Professor of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, John and Roma Rouse Professor of Humanism, Palliative Care Consultant, Past President Mayo Clinic Faculty, Distinguished Clinician, Mayo Clinic will discuss Isolation in the Covid 19 Pandemic and What To Do About It. This is a very powerful and important podcast with such health wisdom from Dr. Edward T. Creagan. What are the consequences of isolation in this pandemic? Is it more difficult to live alone? Besides the economic crisis, what are the emotional consequences, such as depression, anxiety, domestic violence and much more? What are the emotional benefits of seeing someone in person rather than seeing someone on the internet? Listen to this amazing Antarctica story and what we can learn from it. How long does the virus last on a surface? What do the 3 F's mean in the Greek culture with regards to transformation? There is so much information in this podcast. You will learn all the aggressive behavior tools that you will need. Listen to the expert Dr. Edward T. Creagan, Distinguished Clinician, Mayo Clinic Connect with the host @ Reach the host @