The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Divorce A New Perspective and How to Divorce Ourselves from Ourselves - Sherry Anshara

Episode Summary

Sherry Anshara is an alternative medicine practitioner, a medical intuitive, a holistic healer, a quantum pathic holistic healer and founder of The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing. Sherry is also an author and educator. How do you divorce yourself from yourself and what does that mean? Sherry Anshara discusses how to cleanse out the old patterns, the self sabotage and more all leading to freedom. She discusses how we can look at ourselves differently than before and become exactly who we are. How does role playing contribute to this? Are you afraid of change or the unknown? Sherry believes that the unknown connects to our creativity and enhances a new direction to ones life. She calls the unknown a magic place to explore all of the possibilities. Are you willing to be willing? Are you willing to divorce from your partner? Has your relationship become too obligated for the sake of it? When is it time to divorce and what are the magic signs that Sherry Anshara discusses? Would you prefer to use the word like or love when describing your partner? There is such wisdom in this podcast with Sherry Anshara, concepts that we may never have thought about. Connect with Sherry Anshara @ Reach Carol the host @