The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - How to Declutter Your Life - Laura Staley, Feng Shui Expert

Episode Summary

Laura Staley is the author of Transform Your Life with Feng Shui. She is certified with The Western School of Feng Shui and is the founder of Cherish Your World. Did you know that physical clutter has an association with memories and can live in our psyche? Do you get rid of "things"? What does it do to you psychologically? How do you get rid of negative energies in your space? Learn some of the techniques. Laura Staley tells you how neuroscience has backed the validity of Feng Shui. Deluttering is not only physical space. It also involves your psyche, your emotions and your mind. Where should you build your new home? Laura Staley gives you some pointers. How do colors play into this or your astrology profile? Did you know that there are 5 elements in Feng Shui? Learn the value of space and learn the value of the objects that are there. Laura Staley is an expert on Feng Shui and there is so much valuable information for you. You are welcome to share or subscribe to The Matter of the Heart podcast. Reach the host Carol @