The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Coronavirus, Survival Behavior, Beliefs and Possibilities.- Dr.Bernie Siegel

Episode Summary

Dr.Bernie Siegel - retired surgeon and author of the worldwide best selling book, Love Medicine & Miracles and other best selling books, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, Peace Love & Healing, How to Live Between Office Visits and so much more on Bernie will discuss survival behavior for the coronavirus which will be helpful for you. He had immense experiences with this from his cancer patients. He discusses how important it is to live from the heart and then magic will happen. What will your attitude do to your immune system and why is it so important? Why is laughter so important for your immune system? He stresses the ;power of the mind with the virus and what tools to use. Is it good to work from the home now and what can you learn about yourself? Do you have hope with your challenges in life and how does it change the chemistry of your body? Does it open up more doors of possibilities? How can learn to be less vulnerable? Does love help with your survival behavior for the coronavirus? Listen to Dr. Siegel speak about the wisdom of his mother which we can all learn from. What would be good words to tell President Trump when there are disagreements? Bernie has so many health and healing stories to talk about. He is the master of stories which we can all relate to. Listen to the medical wisdom of Dr. Bernie Siegel. Bernie is known worldwide and his voice emanates from his heart. Connect with Bernie @ Reach Carol @