The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart . Children, Parents, Teachers & Covid 19 - Colli Christante

Episode Summary

"We must take care of the little people. Children are struggling now though the pandemic and the effect can create an intense trauma. There is a loss of play and a feeling of confusion. Meet Colli Christante, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, NLP Practitioner specializing in trauma and a certified Yoga instructor. What happens to the spirit of a child? Does the child loose their sense or creativity and shift their energy to the left side of the brain? What can be done about it so the child can once again dance without an occasion? What is the purpose of a thermometer in a teaching setting? How doe the guest work with the child, the parent and the teacher? How can you create a pleasant room for the child? What colors enhance healing? Do you believe in connection care or self care? Learn about the importance of nature, the tactile touch, music, art and so much more all for the betterment of the well being of the child, parent, and teacher. "Somewhere I Belong" is the program that Colli Christante created with love, compassion and understanding in her heart. Listen to its benefits in this insightful podcast with our guest. Learn how a child can feel more secure sprinkled with feelings of safety. Reach the host @ Connect with the guest @

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