The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Cancer and the Environment - I'm OK Because God Does Not Create Junk - Dr. Norman Shealy

Episode Summary

Dr Norman Shealy is the first physician to specialize in the resolution of back pain via holistic management as well as deep anxiety, and chronic depression. His neurosurgeon training included Duke University, Mass. General and Washington University. Dr. Shealy is a keynote speaker in national and international conferences. He is the president of Shealy Sorin Wellness Center and Holos Energy Medicine Education. Some of Dr. Shealy's contributions to mankind are the invention of the TENS machine, cranial electrical stimulator, acknowledging medical intuition, the founder of the American Holistic Association, Co Founder with Caroline Myss, the American Board for Scientific Medical Intuition. He appeared on national TV including Oprah, Geraldo, the Morning Show, the Today Show and many more. Dr. Shealy has 14 patents in energy medicine and has published 36 books. What is in the environment and in our foods that are damaging to our health? What does roundup, the pesticide do to our well being? Why does roundup have law cases? Do you drink fluoride water or use fluoride toothpaste? Dr.Shealy discusses the blue zones and scalar energy. Listen to his 5 healthy habits. How much water should you drink according to your weight? What is orac? Dr. Shealy believes that most of us eat junk foods. lHow much coffee is acceptable for your health? Does he believe in the word "organic"? He talks about detachment, faith, the soul and the Higher Power, There is a wealth of health information from the master of health, Dr. Norman Shealy. Connect with Norman Shealy @ Reach Carol Olivia @ Kindly share the show if you so desire. Namaste