The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Bill Protzmann - Award Winning Multi Talented Musician, Teacher of the Veterans a& Homeless - Binaural Beats

Episode Summary

What are binaural beats and are they healing tools? Bill Protzmann is a multi talented and award winning musician who will explain this fascinating healing musical technique. You will learn much information about the beats as Bill was introduced to it from his piano tuner. He talks to host Carol about the balancing of the 2 sides of the ears. You will so much appreciate the sound of music and its therapeutic touch. Why is it so important to have the sounds synchronized? What causes a certain musical sound to create a waving affect? Are all instruments capable of binaural beats? Do you need a head set to get its fullest impact? What does it do to the listener emotionally, spiritually and physically? How do the beats create more stimulations to the brain which we never use? What is bilateral stimulation? What happens to Bill when he takes a power nap? Can it create more inspiration even after 10 minutes? Did you realize that binaural beats can be used for traumas? Can they relieve you of anxiety or anger relief? Can we choose the frequency of the brain wave? What does pitch mean in music? Did you know that the lower the binaural beat , then the more pleasant the sound will be to the brain? What is EMDR? Did you know that the slower the beat, the better it is for releasing traumas? Can it enhance ones creativity? What happens to us when we quiet the mind? Does it shift our energy with a positive approach to life? What is lucid dreaming? Can we connect to our soul when we quiet the mind? Is music the language of our soul? Do we tune our heart to the beat of music? What elements in nature emulate binaural beats? What about the wind, crickets or a gentle breeze? Bill Protzmann will explore and educate you to a natural occurrence in nature and in music with binaural beats. It's The Matter of the Heart podcast with Bill Protzmann, award winning multi talented musician and host Carol Olivia Adams.