The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - Astrology and The Law of Nature - Antot Masuka

Episode Summary

Antot Masuka is the founder of Celestial Affairs. com. He is a western astrologer and a horary astrologer. Antot is a frequent speaker at A.R.E, of New York City, the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Is the law of nature the truth? Is it always the winner? Antot describes how nature unfolds into its natural order. It is the balance of energies. He discusses the alignment of a plant and how we can learn from it. How can we make an adjustment to the law of nature? Do you feel that we are part of the universe? Realize that the sun always rises and we are part of that pattern. Antot discusses that we are a composition of the inner and outer, the macro and the micro part of the world. Our bodies are part of the vibrations of the universe and we are a blueprint of the natural law. Antot believes that nature has no beginnings nor endings. There is so much information in this podcast that will truly give you wisdom to the ways of life, astrology and the law of nature. Reach Carol the host @