The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - 2021 - Global Change and What To Expect, & The Age of Aquarius - Antot Masuka

Episode Summary

Why is the year 2020 the setup for 2021 and what can we expect with Uranus as its ruler? Why are these dates so important to remember, Feb.17, June 14 and Dec. 24 in 2021? Will you be comfortable with the new formula or foundation in 2021? You will learn that the change is universal. What is the "Dawn of Aquarius?" Can we expect a lot of surprises? Our guest is Antot Masuka, the founder of Celestial He is a Western Astrologer using the Edgar Cayce approach to Astrology. Antot Masuka is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research. Why is the planet Uranus the real actor in the year 2021? What are the human qualities in the Age of Aquarius? How is 2021 preparing us to live in the now? What is a conjunction? You will want to listen to this podcast a few times. There is so much information on the unveiling of 2021 with the guest, Antot Masuka. Receive Antot's newsletter by contacting him at Contact the host @

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