The Matter of the Heart

The Matter of the Heart - 2020 Predictions and the Capricorn Grand Conjunction - Antot Masuka, Astrologer

Episode Summary

Antot Masuka, Western Astrologer, Horary Astrologer, Astrocartographer, Earthquake Predictor, and a frequent guest speaker at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in New York City will give you his predictions for the year 2020 and the Capricorn Grand Conjunction. What does the grand or great Capricorn conjunction mean? Do you realize that this has not happened in the past 5000 years? Here is a quote from our guest "astrology brings heaven down to earth for all to see and understand. It is the language of the gods and the soul of the universe". Antot discusses in depth with host Carol the planets that will be in conjunction or aligned with each other. You will learn what this means to you, mankind and to the universe. What is the significance of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter aligned with each other? What happens to their energies? When will this occur in January? What about Mercury, the Sun and the South node? What are the meanings of each planet and when will the Capricorn grand conjunction occur? When will the eclipses occur in 2020? Is your south node a reflection of your past life? Why are there more challenges in the north node and what is yours? The grand conjunction is in Capricorn and what does that mean to you if your sun sign is in libra? How important is it to know where your sign is in the house of your natal chart? What happened in 1930 in the cosmos? Did you know that Pluto was retrograde and caused much negativity in the cosmos such as the atomic bomb, Mussolini, and Hitler? 2020 will be different because Pluto is working with or aligning itself with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun. It will be for the goodness of mankind and the individual. Chances are that there will be a lot of deep inner transformation on a global scale all for the betterment of mankind because of the conjunction in Capricorn. What may happen to the physical parts of each sign? What will happen to the 3 earth signs? Where was Pluto when Obama and Trump became president of the United States? The speed of Pluto will work with other planets to create a better world, and the transformation of the individual.. The Capricorn conjunction could raise the consciousness of mankind and Antot will tell you why as well as much more information. You will want to listen to this podcast several times. It's The Matter of the Heart with guest Antot Masuka and host Carol Olivia Adams.