The Matter of the Heart


In The Matter of the Heart with Carol Olivia Adams, the host takes a bold step forward that speaks on health, inspiration, spirituality, lifestyle, beauty and more.
Carol brings in the show an awareness featuring guests like Dr. Bernie Siegel, best known for the best-selling book Love, Medicine & Miracles and environmental speaker Bruce Lipton. Other inspiring guests have been an organic farmer, an angel communicator, a psychiatrist and death row inmates, a reiki practitioner with the emphasis on relationships and emotional release.
The intention of The Matter of the Heart is to help you open more healing windows in your life with its unique stories that bring an awareness to our heart's love core.
Carol Olivia Adams, host has interviewed over 250 guests on internet radio, weekly AM radio and is now the host of the show The Matter of the Heart on and Roku stand alone.
Carol is also an intuitive life coach and healer and is the author of The Awakening of Friendship.